Wallet Valuation (Batch)

Use this webhook and endpoint combination to calculate the valuation of the NFTs held in a set of wallets. Up to 100 wallet addresses can be passed at once.
More information regarding the SimpleHash Webhook API can be found here

To get a valuation for multiple wallets, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a new webhook to receive the results. To do this, send a POST request to https://api.simplehash.com/webhook_api/v0/webhook with the following JSON body:
  "webhook_url": "https://<your-webhook-url>",
  "event_types": [

  1. Use the following API endpoint to submit the wallet addresses you want to evaluate: https://api.simplehash.com/api/nfts/owners/value. Send a POST request with the following JSON body:
  "wallet_addresses": ["<address_1>", "<address_2>", "..."]

Optionally, pass the query parameter include_trait_floor, like this: POST /v0/nfts/owners/value?include_trait_floor=1

Optionally pass parameter spam_score__lte, spam_score__lt, spam_score__gte, or spam_score__gt

This will cause the max trait floor price for each NFT in the wallet to be utilized in the value calculation, where available. When passing this parameter, the request body is currently limited to a maximum of 10 wallet addresses.

A request_id will be provided in the response to each POST request.

  1. Once the computation starts (usually within 30 seconds), you'll receive a webhook POST for each wallet address with its valuation result. The request_id you received in step 2 will be included in each webhook delivery for easy correlation between the request and its associated results. Here's an example of what the webhook payload will look like:
    "data": {
        "request_id": "1646570c-8809-47d9-a95a-f05e2cee47a3",
        "wallets": [
                "address": "0x6cf858bd5618e9a39e344bee8ad3343c965ddb44",
                "usd_value": 222.02
        "webhook_id": "0de2b459-16b7-4879-8f15-6d5ab6eaa460"
    "type": "async.wallet_value_update"


The async.wallet_value_update event type is currently in beta and is not included in the list of Webhook Events