Bulk Service Kafka Schemas

This page describes the available schemas for the Kafka option of the SimpleHash Bulk Service. For other information regarding other bulk options, please refer to the overview.


nft.v4 token metadata topics are now the drop-in replacements for the deprecated nft.v2 topics

Available Schemas

Currently available schemas are detailed below. Certain schemas are sub-schemas of others (e.g., sale_details within transfers). Available schemas are being added over time - if you need one that is not listed here, please reach out to [email protected].

DataDescriptionExample Topic Name
Token MetadataThe core metadata of individual NFTs, including the CDN media links and their previews, and their traitsethereum.nft.v4
CollectionsThe summary information regarding NFT collections, including the real-time floor prices, and spam scoresethereum.collection.v2
Sales & TransfersThe historical and ongoing sales & transfer events for individual NFTs (comprised of the transfer, sale_details and payment_token data topics)ethereum.transfer.incremental.v2
Ownerreal-time ownership and holdings of individual NFTsethereum.owner.v4
Listingactive listings at the individual NFT levelethereum.listing.v2
Listing Eventslisting events (added, modified, removed etc) at the individual NFT levelethereum.listingevent.v2
Bid Eventsbid events (added, modified, removed etc)ethereum.bidevent.v3

Note: You can use Get Kafka Topic Schema to retrieve the schema for each topic.