SimpleHash Bulk Service Overview

Currently live on 60+ chains and testnets

The SimpleHash Bulk Service is for teams with large scale NFT data needs. It allows for provisioning of entire chains of NFT metadata, especially useful for large scale analytics, data science, or for use cases where large scale joins must be conducted.


The Bulk Service can be used in conjunction with the REST API and webhooks, or as an alternative. It offers a number of advantages:

  • NFT data at scale: efficiently consume large volumes of NFT data from multiple chains and marketplaces through a single, unified platform
  • Simplify data processing: reduce NFT data pipeline headaches, and empower your engineering team to be productive immediately
  • Enhance analytics capabilities: leverage data for trend forecasting, and market intelligence, to empower more informed decisions
  • Optimize product offerings: take advantage of a wide range of NFT data types to enhance user experiences & drive growth

Access methods

The Bulk Service can be provisioned by one of three methods, depending on your team's engineering requirements:

  • Kafka real-time data streaming: subscribe to a Kafka cluster topic to bulk stream NFT data, enabling seamless integration with your analytics and monitoring systems (backfill ability also available)
  • Direct DB sync: utilize a standalone postgres database, and receive ongoing syncs of core NFT data tables (backfill ability also available)
  • Export to a snowflake instance: export directly to a snowflake warehouse
  • Flat file exports: receive exported NFT data directly to your designated bucket (e.g., Amazon S3) in CSV / flat-file format, simplifying data ingestion and storage (backfill ability also available)


If you are interested in any of the Bulk Service options, please message [email protected] to discuss your requirements.


The available schemas for the Kafka access method can be found here. For the Direct DB sync and Flat file exports, these will depend on the table requested - please reach out to [email protected] to discuss your requirements.