Added Proof of Play Testnets

We now support the testnet for Proof of Play, the EVM L3. You can query it with proof-of-play-testnet

Added OpenSea top bids

Added support for OpenSea top, collection-level bids


Added Active Bids Endpoints

We've added the following Active Bids Endpoints (currently in beta)
Active Bids By NFT
Active Bids By Wallet
Active Bids By Contract
Active Bids By Collection


Added RARI mainnet support

We're excited to announce support for RARI Chain mainnet (in addition to testnet).


Added collection_royalties

Collection model now contains collection-level royalty information.


Added RARI testnet support

We're excited to announce support for RARI Chain. The testnet is now live with the slug rari-testnet or eip155:1918988905. Mainnet support will be available at launch.

Added support for Polygon on MagicEden

Added support for Polygon listings, and floor prices, from MagicEden


Added chains filter to NFTs by Collection

You can now optionally filter NFTs on NFTs by Collection using a list of chains, like chains=ethereum,polygon. This is helpful for querying multi-chain collections when you only want the results back from a subset of chains.


More sorting options on Collections by Wallet(s)

We have added the ability to sort by the following fields on Collections by Wallet(s): transfer_time__desc, transfer_time__asc, name__desc, name__asc, last_acquired_date__desc, last_acquired_date__asc, first_acquired_date__desc, first_acquired_date__asc


Added Moonbeam mainnet

We now support Moonbeam. It can be queried with the slug moonbeam or eip155:1284