Added `primary_sale` field on NFT response

We now have a dedicated field for primary sale information, which is the sale that happened during the mint event. This is currently populated for all EVM chains


Only POAP NFTs supported on Gnosis

As announced at the beginning of the month, we have sunset support for NFTs on Gnosis (xDAI) except for the popular POAP contract (0x22c1f6050e56d2876009903609a2cc3fef83b415).


Added native token balances for all chains

We now support querying wallet balances for native tokens like BTC, SOL, ETH, and many more! Retrieve multiple wallets and chains in one call, and also get back the USD value of each of the holdings. Try it out at


Added Collection Level Historical Top Bid Endpoint

Added Historical Top Bids endpoint which provides the historical top bids for a specific collection

Added `fungible_ids` parameter to Fungible Sales & Transfers by Wallet(s)

Use the fungible_ids parameter to filter the results of the Fungible Sales & Transfers by Wallet(s) endpoint by specific token IDs


Add Sei v2 to NFTs and fungibles

You can now query the Sei v2 chain using slug sei


Added fungibles support for Arbitrum and Optimism

We now support L2s Arbitrum and Optimism on all our fungibles endpoints

Added attribute percentages support to additional endpoints

Added support for the include_attribute_percentages option to all NFT endpoints, as well as Trait Floor Prices by NFT.

Added support for Ordinals on UniSat

Added support for Ordinals listings and floor prices on the UniSat NFT marketplace.


Added Immutable zkEVM, Camp Testnet, and Proof of Play Barret Testnet

Announcing NFT support for 3 new chains: Immutable zkEVM, Camp Testnet, and Proof of Play Barret Testnet