Listing models

The SimpleHash API includes details of active and historical listings on NFT marketplaces.

  • UniSat: Live (Bitcoin Ordinals)
  • OKX: Live (Bitcoin Ordinals)
  • Blur: Live
  • OpenSea: Live (all chains)
  • MagicEden Live (Bitcoin Ordinals, Solana, Polygon, Ethereum & Base)
  • Tensor: Live
  • CryptoPunks: Live
  • LooksRare: Live
  • X2Y2: Live

Coverage of more marketplaces will be added in the near future.

listing model:

idUnique identifier of the listingstring
permalinkLink to the marketplace listingstring
bundle_item_numberIf the listing is part of a bundle, the NFT's position in the bundleint / null
listing_timestampDatetime of the listingstring
expiration_timestampExpiration datetime of the listingstring / null
seller_addressOwner wallet addressstring
auction_typeAuction type, if applicable. Possible values are: dutch(AKA decreasing price auction)string / null
quantityOriginal listing quantityint
quantity_remainingRemaining listing quantityint
priceTotal price of the listingint
marketplace_idUnique identifier of the NFT marketplace associated with the listingstring
order_hashUnique marketplace-assigned identifier for the listingstring / null
collection_idUnique identifier for a specific collectionstring / null
nft_idUnique identifier for an NFT (chain.contract_address.token_id for EVM chains & Flow, chain.mint_address for Solana)string
payment_tokenDetail on the token used for the listingpayment_token / null

listing_event model:

idUnique identifier of the listing eventstring
event_typeGeneric type of event, one of: listing_added, listing_modified, listing_removedstring
event_reasonMore detailed reason (if available); one of: listing_cancelled, listing_expired, ownership_changed, quantity_changed, price_changed

This list may expand as we add marketplaces that have their own idiosyncrasies.
string / null
event_timestampDatetime of the event as processed by SimpleHash. For additional on-chain times, refer to listing_timestamp and expiration_timestamp on the listing objectstring
listing_idUnique identifier of the listing from the listing modelstring
...(Additional fields from the listing model)

payment_token model:

payment_token_idUnique identifier of the token type relevant to the collection. Currently for ethereum ecosystem sales, this may be ethereum.native for the native ETH token, or ethereum.{contract_address} for ERC-20 tokensstring
nameName of the token, e.g., Ether derived from the contract or otherwisestring / null
symbolSymbol of the token derived from the contract or otherwise, e.g., ETHstring / null
addressContract address of the ERC-20 token associated with the collection (null in the case of the native ETH token)string / null
decimalsBase number of decimals of the token value associated with the collection (e.g., 18 in the case of the native ETH token)int