Collection model

The SimpleHash API returns information on the collection an NFT is associated with. These are often specific to certain NFT marketplaces. The following are the fields included for the collection model (appearing inline as a field on the NFT model).

For collection model found on NFT responses and core Collection endpoints:

collection_idUnique identifier for a specific collection. This is distinct from contract address, since a contract may contain multiple collectionsstring / null
nameName of the collectionstring / null
descriptionDescription of the collectionstring / null
image_urlURL link to the collection logo / main image on the SimpleHash CDN, where availablestring / null
banner_image_urlURL link to the collection banner image on the SimpleHash CDN, where availablestring / null
categoryCollection category if available, currently one of: art, domain-names, gaming, memberships, music, pfps, photography, sports-collectibles, virtual-worlds

This list may grow over time.
string / null
is_nsfwCollection flagged as NSFWboolean / null
external_urlURL link to the external website or resource associated with the collectionstring / null
twitter_usernameTwitter handle of the account associated with the collection, where availablestring / null
discord_urlDiscord server associated with the collection, where availablestring / null
instagram_urlInstagram URL for the collection if availablestring / null username for the collection if availablestring / null
telegram_urlTelegram URL for the collection if availablestring / null
marketplace_pagesArray of 0 or more objects referencing the the collection's page(s) on a given marketplace. marketplace_collection_id is typically a case-sensitive slug (e.g., azuki for OpenSea) and sometimes an address (on marketplaces such as Quixotic and Stratos)[{
marketplace_id: string, marketplace_name:string,
nft_url:string / null,
verified:boolean / null
metaplex_mintUnique metaplex mint ID, populated only for Solana NFTs where there is a verified metaplex collectionstring / null
metaplex_candy_machineWhen a verified metaplex collection is not available, the candy machine address (if applicable) may be used to group the NFTsstring / null
metaplex_first_verified_creatorWhen other grouping methods are not available, this identifier may be used to group NFTs by the first verified creator addressstring / null
spam_scoreSpam rating of the NFT collection (for Enterprise plans), 0-100 range, (100 being most likely spam)int / null
floor_pricesArray of 0 or more floor prices for the collection, one for each marketplace[Floor price model
top_bidsArray of 0 or more top bids for the collection, one for each marketplace[Top bid model]
distinct_owner_countDistinct number of owners for NFTs in this collection. This and the following numbers may briefly be null for new collectionsint / null
distinct_nft_countDistinct number of unburned NFT IDsint / null
total_quantityTotal copies of unburned NFTs in this collection. For semi-fungibles, there may be more than one copy per NFT, so this value could exceed distinct_nft_countint / null
chainsArray of 1 or more chains in the collection. This is usually just 1, but OpenSea allows for multi-chain collections like this one spanning Polygon and BSC.[chain:string]
top_contractsOn chains with NFT smart contracts (EVM & Flow), array of 1 or more contracts associated with this collection, capped at a maximum of 20. This will be an empty array for Bitcoin and Solana.[contract_id:string]
collection_royaltiesArray of 0 or more royalty details, at the collection level, by source. Different marketplaces allow for different royalty amounts, so we show a list of the available information. When there are multiple sources, we list them from highest to lowest total_creator_fee_basis_points.

Current sources are: opensea

The list of recipients can have 0 or more wallets, as applicable. Amounts are shown in both basis_points (adding up to total_creator_fee_basis_points) and percentage, which is the share of this wallet's fees compared to other recipients.
source: string,
total_creator_fee_basis_points: int,
recipients: [{
address: string,
percentage: float,
basis_points: int