Collection Historical Floor Prices [old]

This endpoint provides the historical floor price for a specific collection on a specific marketplace. By default the endpoint exposes the trailing 1 month floor price history per collection.
Floor prices from multiple marketplaces can be queried in a single request by omitting the marketplace_id kwarg, and passing the query param marketplace_ids=marketplace (e.g., /v0/nfts/floor_prices/collection/09954610564c25f6910ccd963c09a3fa?marketplace_ids=opensea,blur)
If from_timestamp and to_timestamp are passed, they must be less than one month apart. Both must be passed, otherwise the endpoint will default to the trailing 1 month. Historical floor price data is currently available from the start of December 2022.
To understand more about the difference between Collections and Contracts, please refer to our FAQ
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