Bid models

Currently, SimpleHash provides access to bids and top bids. The top bid is the highest current offer, or bid, for any NFT within a collection.

The SimpleHash API includes details of active bids on the following NFT marketplaces.

  • OpenSea

Bid model

idUnique identifier of the bidstring
quantityBid quantityint/null
priceBid priceint
timestampDatetime of the bidstring
bidder_addressBidder addressstring
marketplace_idUnique identifier of the NFT marketplace associated with the bidstring
collection_idUnique identifier for a specific collectionstring / null
nft_idUnique identifier for an NFT (chain.contract_address.token_id for EVM chains & Flow, chain.mint_address for Solana)string
payment_tokenDetail on the token used for the bidpayment_token / null
expiration_timestampExpiration timestamp of the bidstring / null

The SimpleHash API includes top (collection-level) bids from the following marketplaces:

  • Blur
  • OpenSea

Coverage of additional marketplaces and bid types will be added in the near future.

The top bids array can be found on the field named top_bids on the collection model on the "NFT by..." endpoints, and directly on the the Collections by Wallet endpoint.

top_bids model:

marketplace_idUnique identifier of the NFT marketplace associated with the top bidstring
valueThe value of the top bid in the relevant currencyint/null
payment_tokenDetail on the relevant currencypayment_token
value_usd_centsThe value of the top bid in USD centsint/ null

payment_token model:

payment_token_idUnique identifier of the token type relevant to the collection. Currently for ethereum ecosystem sales, this may be ethereum.native for the native ETH token, or ethereum.{contract_address} for ERC-20 tokensstring
nameName of the token, e.g., Ether derived from the contract or otherwisestring / null
symbolSymbol of the token derived from the contract or otherwise, e.g., ETHstring / null
addressContract address of the ERC-20 token associated with the collection (null in the case of the native ETH token)string / null
decimalsBase number of decimals of the token value associated with the collection (e.g., 18 in the case of the native ETH token)int