Added percent change to Trending Collections

The Trending Collections endpoint response body now includes two additional fields: volume_percent_change and transaction_count_percent_change


OpenSea testnet sales now available

We now index Seaport 1.5 sales on all EVM testnets that OpenSea supports

Added value_usd_cents to Floor Price Model

Floor prices now include the floor price value converted to USD.


Added Linea testnet support

You can now query Linea testnet using the slug linea-testnet or eip155:59140

Added include_attribute_percentages parameter to NFTs by Collection

For NFTs with structured attributes in their extra_metadata, pass include_attribute_percentages=1 to the NFTs by Collection endpoint to include the percentage of tokens in the collection that have each trait_type + value


Added Scroll mainnet support

Scroll mainnet is now live and can be queried with scroll or eip155:534352.


Added Linea support

Linea mainnet is now live. You can query the API with linea or eip155:59144

Added owned_by field to contract type info in NFT model

Added new owned_by field to body of contract info in the NFT model

Added Collections by Wallet(s), v2

Released an updated version of our Collections by Wallet(s) endpoint, containing our standard Collection Model in its response, within collection_details.

Added 24h and 30d options to Top Collections time_period parameter

Added 24h (trailing 24 hours) and 30d (prior 30 days) options to time_period query parameter on Top Collections endpoint.